I've had a passion for architecture from a young age. My parents met in Arcosanti, which was created by Paolo Soleri as a model for a Utopian society. They kept many architecture books around the house while I was growing up. I was very interested in Louis Kahn, Carlo Scarpa, Frank Lloyd Wright, and others. This fascination stayed with me until I went to college where I pursued my degree in architecture. 

I enrolled in the University of Kansas in 2004 after graduating from Free State High School. I took my first year to study Italian Language and do a lot of my general studies. I was accepted into the School of Architecture the following year. During my time at KU I worked a variety of jobs. One of my favorites was working at a cabinet shop called, Tolar Cabinets. There I would take leftover scraps of wood and create pieces of furniture with them after hours. I made quite a few pieces of furniture including my bed. I believe there is an image of it in my KU portfolio website. 

During my senior year at KU I elected to do the Paris Internship Program in France. It was organized through a truly great professor: Wojciech Leśnikowski. As a young man he worked for Le Corbusier and had since developed strong ties with Parisian architects. Through these connections 10 students were able to work for architects in Paris for a six-month stagiaire. I worked under Frédéric Borel in the 14th arrondissement. He is a truly great designer who has a deconstructive approach to architecture. It was a pleasure working under him, and allowed the opportunity to give my input on design decisions. He even gave me the opportunity to take charge of a €2MN project on my own. 

After graduating I immediately moved out of Kansas and headed to California. I had friends who lived in Sonoma and ended up living with them in Monte Rio, a small town on the Russian River. My intention was to find an architecture job in San Francisco or the Bay Area. This turned out to be harder than I had imagined. I ended up working at the Bohemian Grove for the Summer, and then at a small store called, Jimtown, in the heart of Alexander Valley. 

From Sonoma, I moved to Chicago with a girlfriend who was pursuing a career in ballet & modern dance at Hubbard Street. Chicago was an amazing city to explore, and there are so many historically significant buildings. I spent a lot of time wondering through Oak Park and downtown, admiring everything from Louis Sullivan to Frank Gehry. In 2012, I was offered a job at RSP Architects in Minneapolis. I left for Minnesota soon after.

I lived in Minneapolis for over 2 years and truly enjoyed the city even during the weeks where I was driving to work in -40F temperatures. The people in the area truly are what make it special. After working at RSP and the breakup of Bitmap Studios I left Minneapolis for California again. I started working at an architecture firm in Malibu, CA called, Studio PCH. There I was able to get experience working on high-end residential projects for prestigious clientele. Due to lack of work, a number of employees were let go around the same time including myself. After Studio PCH I worked with a young, creative team of architects at Arthur Page Company in Santa Monica, CA. We focus on commercial tenant improvements and residential projects. Since then I have moved on and now work with Ward-Young Architecture, which specializes in Mountain Modern Residences in the Tahoe & Bay Areas. 

Rufus Kerr