arthur page company

Designer (2015-2016)

Hospitality & Residential

Alex Babich, a co-worker from Studio PCH called me up a week after leaving and asked if I wanted to join a start-up architecture firm with a friend he went to USC with. Next week I was working with Arthur and Alex on a variety of smaller projects. The position allowed me to utilize both my new found technical and visual skills of architecture together. The job was very fast-paced with tight deadlines, but it was good experience. I quickly learned how to put together a set of drawings for submittal, and how to detail a restaurant. The most notable client we had was Bulletproof Coffee, who we worked on a number of stores with. After a few months I started working remotely from Northern California. I eventually left to pursue NCARB certification and work more conventional hours. 

Professional Work

List of notable PROJECTS:

Bone Kettle, Pasadena, CA - Renderings / Construction Documents

Bulletproof Labs, Santa Monica, CA - Design / Manage / Construction Documents / Renderings

Bulletproof Coffee, Arts District, LA, CA - Model / Renderings

Bulletproof Coffee, Seattle, WA - Model / Construction Documents / Renderings

DBA Nightclub, West Hollywood, CA - As-Builts / Manage / Construction Documents / Submittals

Newland Shopping Center Remodel, Huntington Beach, CA - Construction Documents

Peppermint Club, West Hollywood, CA - As-Builts / Manage / Construction Documents / Submittals

Sack Sandwiches, West Hollywood, CA - As-Builts / Construction Documents / Submittals

Sweetfin PokeWest 3rd, Los Angeles, CA - As-Builts / Manage / Construction Documents / Submittals

STK Nightclub,  Los Angeles, CA - As-Builts / Manage / Construction Documents / Submittals

The Nice Guy - Patio Addition, West Hollywood, CA - Construction Documents