University of Kansas

Bachelor of Architecture (2004-2010)

Undergraduate Portfolio:

During my time at the University of Kansas I had the privilege of studying under some great professors. They provided me with many opportunities to explore my own style and help develop my own identity of design.

I spent the majority of my time at KU in the studio, often working late into the night. I quickly learned the time and effort it takes to conceive, plan, display, and present a project. In doing so, it made me conscious of the balance between time and quality. In almost all projects I worked on, the more time I worked on the project, the better the project would turn out in the end. 

One of the most challenging professors I had at the University of Kansas was Bruce Johnson during my first year. He ingrained into me that every project should have a deeper meaning, and be inspired by a conceptual idea. This mentality stayed with me throughout my duration at KU. If you look at each one of my projects in my portfolio, you should see it began with a concept that pertains to either the function of the building or the premise of the studio project.  

Though each project I did in studio has, what I believe to be, a strong concept; I feel the projects lack an overall design aesthetic. If I had the chance to redo my studio projects, I would focus on the aesthetic more than the concept. I think its very hard to integrate both design and concept into a functional piece of art, but that had always been my goal. Looking back I am pleased at my work, but just wish I could be free of some of the parameters in order to focus more on an overall aesthetic style.

With all projects that I did at KU, I found that I had to be incredibly self-motivated and self-taught. Not very many of our professors were knowledgeable when it came to computer programs, and therefore you had to teach yourself along the way. This created a lot of frustration, but also helped with problem-solving issues when coming to computer programs. Even now I find myself constantly learning new techniques for computer programs through tutorials online.

All in all I am very glad that KU is my Alma Mater. I had a great time going there, and met some very talented people who I still keep in contact with.  I am also grateful for the experience I had at my six-month internship in Paris my senior year. I was able to experience a different culture and work under an extremely talented architect.

Studio Professors:

1st year -     Hobart Jackson                                                                               Bruce Johnson                             

2nd year -   Curtis Simmons                                                                                Barry Newton                                

3rd year -    Dennis Sander                                                                                  Nils Gore                                            

4th year -    Marie Alice L'Heureux                                                                      Barry Newton                                   

5th year -     Frédéric Borel Architecte (Intern)                                                  Wojciech Leśnikowski



Student Portfolio Work