RSP offered me my first architectural job post-graduation. During my time there I developed many skills and learned what it's like to work in a fast-paced corporate setting. I also had the privilege of working under Derek McCallum, who is one of the most enthusiastic and talented designers I have met. He gave me enough rope to hang myself, and always encouraged exploration of new ideas and designs. Though it was extremely fast-paced, it helped me transition from the pace of school projects to real-life. 

I worked on the Corporate Design Team while at RSP. We were responsible for coming up with front-end designs whenever a large corporate client would come to RSP. Therefore, we spent a lot of the time conceiving new ideas, sketching them up, and then transitioning them to the computer. Initially I was hired to be the guy responsible for renderings on the team, but gradually I was given more responsibility and given more input on designs. I transitioned back-and-forth between designs and rendering throughout my time there. 

Our design process would usually start from sketches during an initial team meeting. We then would transition them to SketchUp. Sometimes the client would just want the project left in SketchUp, but most of the time we would render them in 3ds Max. After the rendering process we would use Photoshop and InDesign to create the final presentation board or document. On few occasions while I would make animations using 3ds Max for the client.. 

One thing that I learned was important there was efficiency. A lot of the time we would have tight deadlines with a set budget. We would also have payable hours compared to billable hours. This made it difficult because sometimes you would have to pick your battles. I feel that a lot of people tend to rush when put in a time crunch, and end up sacrificing the quality of design within the process. I would always make deadlines, but sometimes would sacrifice my time to do so. It took a while, but I became good at time management. Setting realistic goals that are achievable within a set amount of time and money. 

Eventually I made a decision that due to payable hours compared to billable hours, it was more profitable to work for myself. A few good friends and I decided to start a rendering business in Minneapolis. I left May of 2014 to start Bitmap Studios. Though I left, I am extremely grateful for the experience that RSP Architects provided me. Derek gave me an great opportunity to work with some extremely talented and hard working people. I am very pleased to have been part of the team there. 

Professional Work

List of notable PROJECTS:

510 Marquette Re-position - Design/Model/Render

Target North Campus - Render

Wells Fargo Minneapolis Corporate Masterplan - Design/Model/Siteplan

ECOLAB Showcase Room - Render

Wells Fargo Minneapolis Corporate Addition - Design/Render

Austin Powerplant Re-development - Render

Towers at West End - Animation/Design/Model/Render

805 Broadway Lofts - Design/Model/Render

Vestfield Plaza Skyscraper - Design/Model/Render

HCMC Cancer Center - Render

CSM Development - Animation/Render

United Health Group Corporate Lobby - Model/Render

United Health Group Executive Floor - Design/Model/Render

Minneapolis Armory Redevelopment - Model/Render/Siteplan

Lifesource - Model/Render

Xcel Powerplant Headquarters - Render

Maurices Duluth - Render

Olympus - Design/Model/Render

Mayo Clinic Square - Animation/Model/Render

United Properties Bone Marrow Building - Model/Render


(no particular order)